How Do You Find Out How Much a House Was Sold For?

Find a home's sale price by searching public records at the county offices where the home is located or by searching websites that aggregate public-record information. When the sale price is unknown, the amount can be estimated using tax information.

Because they're public record, anyone can search deeds at the office of the registrar of deeds in the county where the properties are located. Many deeds state that one party transferred ownership to another for consideration equaling a certain dollar amount. "Consideration" means payment, so the consideration amount is the sale price.

If a deed doesn't specify the consideration amount, the sale price can be determined by dividing the transfer tax paid by the transfer tax rate. If a $1,000 transfer tax was imposed on a home sale, $1,000 would be divided by 0.01. The sale price in this case is $100,000.

Sold prices can be searched on a number of consumer real estate websites. Where the data comes from depends on the website, but common sources are multiple listing services and public records. The accuracy of these sites varies. Most have fine print explaining how estimates are determined and some disclose their estimates' accuracy for specific markets.

Tax assessments are usually unrelated to sale price, but they can be used to estimate a home's market value. The tax assessor in the county where the property is located can explain how assessments are computed.