How Do You Find Out Your MasterCard Balance?


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The process to check the balance of a Mastercard depends on the financial institution that issued it, according to Mastercard. Most institutions maintain a toll-free hotline for cardholder services. The number for this hotline is printed on the back of the card.

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There may be more options for checking the balance depending on whether the card is a debit card or credit card. If the card is a debit card, the balance can be checked at an ATM. The financial institution that owns the ATM may charge a fee for balance inquiries. During the balance inquiry process, the ATM informs the user of the fee, notes Mastercard. Mastercard offers an ATM locator utility on its website.

The balance of credit accounts usually can't be checked at an ATM, states Mastercard. For credit cards, the hotline maintained by the card issuer is the quickest option. Most card issuers also offer online account access. A link to the card information portal can normally be found at the institutions website. Both of these options usually require some sort of user verification, such as a PIN or the account holder's social security number. If neither of these options are available, the cardholder needs to contact the card issuer directly.

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