How Do You Find Out What Your Local Tax Is?

To find out what a local tax is, individuals can check their local department of revenue website, says the Florida Department of Revenue. This website allows Florida residents to see a list of cities and counties and view the local tax rates. The local website in California is the Board of Equalization website, allowing residents to enter a ZIP code in order to find the sales tax rates, says the California State Board of Equalization

There are websites that don't provide city or county tax rates but instead list the average state tax rates, according to Tax Foundation. This gives residents an idea of what their tax rates are in comparison to other states. For example, Tax Foundation provides a map of the United States with the average tax rate and the rank number based on the highest or lowest tax in the country. New York and California are near the top of the list, ranked 7 and 8 for top tax rates respectively. The average tax rate in New York is 8.48 percent and 8.44 percent in California. This is compared to Florida, which is ranked at 29 with an average of 6.65 percent in tax.

Enter a ZIP code or street address on the Board of Equalization website to view the local California tax rates, according to the California State Board of Equalization. The tax rates are for the current year and include sales and use tax rates. There is also a text list of cities and counties to view the different tax rates.