How Do You Find Out Your Local Garbage Collection Days?


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Find out the days and times of local garbage collection by visiting the website of the service provider to check for a service schedule or by contacting the company directly to inquire about pick-up dates. You may also find schedules for trash, recycling and yard waste collection through the appropriate departmental page of your local government website.

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Some waste removal companies offer residential customers tools for checking service schedules directly through their websites, typically by providing an address and ZIP code. Other companies provide access to this information through online customer accounts. If you are renting a property or otherwise do not have direct access to the waste management account, you may need to contact the company directly to find out service days. In this situation, you also must provide your street address and ZIP code so that the agent can check the appropriate schedule.

Many cities also publish trash pickup dates on their websites, often within the section for the department that handles public works or cleaning. Available information may vary depending on the size of the city and its involvement with waste management, with some offering static schedules for a specific period of time and others offering dynamic tools that allow for custom schedule searches. City websites also often include information about official holidays and procedures for service interruptions.

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