How Do You Get Out of a Lease Early?


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To get out of your lease early, look for an opt-out clause in your rental agreement and follow the instructions detailed there. Alternatively, talk with your landlord about your options, or find someone to sublet, advises U.S. News & World Report.

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If your rental is uninhabitable, you are seriously ill or you have a military order, you can also get out of a lease early without facing any financial or legal penalties. In some states, renters are allowed to legally break their leases for a number of reasons, including job relocations and family health problems, reports Nolo.

If your lease has an opt-out clause, that clause details what you need to do in order to vacate the premises before the lease ends. If your lease does not have this clause, you need to talk with your landlord to see if he is willing to let you out of your lease early.

If you leave before the lease ends without making an arrangement with the landlord, the landlord can charge you for the rent that he loses. However, in order to legally hold you responsible for unpaid rent, the landlord must make an effort to rent out the property, explains Nolo.

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