How Do I Find Out If My Grandmother Left Me Money When She Passed Away?

Inheritance money can be found by searching for a will left behind by the grandparent, or by conducting a search on unclaimed property. Locating money or property left behind by relatives requires research into records being kept by an estate executor, county courthouse or other resource.

Grandparents may appoint someone to be an executor for estate matters, including a will. Finding out the name of the executor requires contacting the courthouse of the county where the grandparent last resided. Upon request, the county clerk can assist with executor contact information or researching wills on file. Obtaining will information often requires verifying proof of identity via an official form of photo I.D. In addition to the full name of the deceased relative, the clerk may ask for a date of birth and last known address to help locate the will. Upon successfully finding a will, it is necessary to give the clerk permission to provide a photocopy of the will, which has information regarding beneficiaries.

When there is no will on file, the next step is searching for unclaimed property in the state database. Individuals can request a claim form by contacting the unclaimed property division. This type of search usually requires the name of the relative, date of death and other identifying details, such as a Social Security number.