How Do You Find Out If You Are Eligible for Social Security and Medicare?


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You can find out if you are eligible for Social Security benefits by creating a My Social Security account at SocialSecurity.gov, reports the Social Security Administration. You can assess your eligibility for Medicare by using the eligibility and premium calculator at Medicare.gov, explains Medicare.

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To create a My Social Security account, go to the SocialSecurity.gov main page, select Benefits in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Check Your Information or Benefits under Manage, and click on Create an Account. Provide the required personal information, and create a username and password. A My Social Security account gives you access to your Social Security statement, which lists the amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes paid and estimates future benefits. To receive Social Security benefits, individuals must accumulate 40 work credits, which represents 10 years of work, as of 2015, explains the Social Security Administration.

To use the Medicare eligibility and premium calculator, go to the Medicare.gov main page, click on Get Started With Medicare, and click on Find Out If You're Eligible in the first bullet point under Sign Up for Medicare. Click on Find Out If I'm Eligible, enter your date of birth, and answer the questions as accurately as possible. The calculator informs individuals not only whether they are eligible for Medicare, but also the monthly premium amount they may need to pay, notes Medicare.

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