How Do You Find Out What Your Electricity Rate Is?


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To find out the standard electricity rate of a provider in your area, visit that provider's website. To find the rate you are paying to your current provider, check your electric bill. Some electric bills have the rate published on the front with a breakdown of costs on the back.

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Your electric payments are broken down into several components. There is the base rate itself, which is measured by kilowatt hours. You can determine your kilowatt hours by multiplying usage hours and the wattage of a device, then dividing that product by 1000. Customer service charges also apply.

Individual companies may charge different rates for different customers, such as residential or business customers, or customers who use more electricity versus those who use less. Rate differences are also based on the length of time the electric plan lasts. For example, Wisconsin Public Service charges different rates for its 12-month plan and 6-month plan. Some companies also vary rates based on the time of day or the time of year. Consumer Energy offers a special rate to residential customers who use most of their energy during the early morning, evening and weekend, and it also has higher rates during the peak of summer.

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