How Do You Find Out the Current Value of Apple Stock?

Consumers can find the current value of Apple stock in any reliable website or other source where the daily movement of stocks in the Nasdaq 100 index is listed, such as MarketWatch. The site provides the real-time value of the Apple stock along with a wealth of other current and past data about the stock that may be useful to investors considering purchasing it.

The report on the stock offers an overview, which includes the real-time value, the high and low of the current day, the 52-week low and high, and an analyst rating scale ranging from completely bullish to completely bearish about the stock, as stated by MarketWatch. The overview also includes other information that may affect the movement of the stock such as market cap and the dividend yield percentage.

Other categories offered on the stock page for investors interested in researching the stock include a company profile, historical quotes to gauge past performance, news related to the stock, detailed financial statistics of the company and analyst estimates, as reported by MarketWatch. The company profile category includes a description of the company along with data on categories such valuation, profitability, efficiency, capital structure and liquidity. It also lists key competitors and information about their stocks to compare to the Apple stock.

Apple stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, according to Apple. The company does not sell stock directly but makes it available through brokerage firms.

As of 2015, if a registered shareholder loses his stock certificates, wants to transfer ownership, or needs to change his contact information, he contacts Computershare Investor Services. Other investors make such changes through their brokerage firms, states Apple.