How Do You Find Out the Contact Information of the CEO at a Company?


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Methods of finding the contact information for a company's CEO include checking the company's website for corporate biographies, searching business lead websites and checking related news websites for articles by the CEO. Other methods include testing phone number and email address combinations based on other available information.

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Many businesses include a corporate staffing section within their websites that list the names and biographies of its executive staff. These biographies often include the email addresses or social media handles for the executives, including the CEO. Some companies also include a public employee directory for its top members directly on the site. It is also possible to find such contact information within an author biography if the CEO writes an article in a relevant business news publication. Similarly, if the publication writes an article about the CEO, her email address or social media profiles may appear in the body text.

Another method for locating the contact information of a CEO involves deducing it based on the formatting of other contact information for the company. For example, if you know the email address of any employee within the company and the name of the CEO, you can try different naming combinations to guess the CEO's address. The same process is also possible with a corporate phone number, as many CEO's have a private or direct extension within the same system.

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