How Do You Find Out If You Are Codependent?


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Signs of codependency include the inability to find satisfaction outside of the relationship, sacrificing your own emotional or physical well-being in order to support and care for your partner, placing your happiness or sadness as the responsibility of your partner, and feeling trapped in the relationship, according to WebMD and PsychCentral. The main characteristic of codependency is when the main source of love shared on both sides comes from one partner rescuing or enabling the other partner.

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People in a codependent relationship focus mainly on trying to change their partner's behavior and actions, or trying to change to please their partner, according to WebMD. Anxiety tends to be the most prominent emotion in the relationship. Feelings of guilt or resistance when attempting to find more independence from the relationship, and staying with a partner despite recognized unhealthy behaviors, are other signs of codependency, according to Psychology Today.

Codependent people tend to have low self-esteem and feel that they must accommodate their partners in every way possible, says PsychCentral. Each side of a codependent relationship tends to be highly reactive to the other's feelings and struggles, which motivates a continued cycle of helping and crashing, and makes it difficult to stay firm in personal limits or boundaries, explains Psychology Today. These feelings of guilt cause people in codependent relationships to feel trapped or reliant on the relationship.

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