How Do I Find Out About City-Wide Garage Sales in My Area?

out-city-wide-garage-sales-area Credit: Images

Garage sales are typically advertised using signs, newspaper ads, or online community message boards. To find out about regulations affecting city-wide garage sales, consult your town ordinances.

If you think there may already be a city-wide garage sale planned in your area, you can check the local paper or ask friends to find out more about it. Otherwise, you may need to organize the garage sale yourself. Shareable advises that in order to organize a city-wide sale you should seek a sponsor, sign up sellers through a registration form, promote the sale, and print directions to all sellers' homes. As an organizer, you should ask for feedback after the sale to understand how you can improve the event in the future. Even if you decide not to host the event again, you can pass the information on to the next person who organizes the event.

Be sure to comply with all applicable laws when organizing a city-wide garage sale. You can ask your local permit office if any event permits are required for parking and gathering. According to the Mother Nature Network, regulations most often pertain to preventing traffic from being blocked and preventing individuals from selling newly purchased goods through a garage sale instead of through a retail space.