How Do You Find Out About Changes to Medicare?


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Medicare.gov provides an extensive amount of information about Medicare, including updates to the program and new laws that affect Medicare subscribers, notes the website. In addition, the website offers links to Medicare blogs, news about the program and videos containing information relevant to subscribers.

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The News section of the website presents news stories about Medicare and Medicare changes from various news sources. The Blog section contains links to blocks specially dedicated to Medicare subscribers and keeping them informed about changes to the program and ways to use the program to their best benefit.

The website allows subscribers and others to view information about signing up for Medicare and getting started with Medicare, notes Medicare.gov. It also offers search tools for finding health and drug plans and Medicare-approved nursing homes, hospitals, home health services, dialysis facilities and medical equipment suppliers.

In addition, the website has a link for information on getting help with the costs of Medicare, including information on the latest Medicaid programs that help lower-income subscribers pay for their Medicare prescription drug or Part D coverage. Also included are informational pages for the Medicare Savings Programs, or MSPs, that subscribers may be interested in for saving money on copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, and the PACE program that works with subscribers to keep them out of the nursing home or long-term care facility through specialty service offerings.

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