How Do You Find Out About Building Requirements in Your County?


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Find out about building requirements in a specific county by visiting the county's website and visiting the section for construction of new property to see details about relevant codes and permits. In some cases, the state's website may also contain links to the different county building codes and construction requirements.

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In addition to state and federal bundling requirements, many counties operate additional rules and regulations for initiating the construction of new buildings. These rules, often known as building codes, cover aspects ranging from the types of materials and system that are legal for use to the stipulation on building specific structures in different areas. Most counties with specific building codes post a list of the official laws on their websites, though each county may place it in a different location and refer to them in different ways. For example, the rules for building in Los Angeles County in California appear within the Department of Public Works division, while codes in Larimer Country in Colorado are under the Community Development section.

If the state website for building codes does not include links to the specific pages on the county website, you may be able to contact a member of the state to find out the contact details for the county building official. By contacting the county department that oversees construction, you may request a copy of the building codes or find out how to access the rules either electronically or in person.

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