How Do You Get Out of an Apartment Lease?


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To get out of an apartment lease, a renter needs to read over the lease for an opt-out clause, speak with his landlord and help find a new tenant, notes U.S. News. Depending on the circumstances, a renter might be charged for any months remaining on the lease.

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Leases that include an opt-out clause specify what the renter is responsible for if he decides to break his lease early, says U.S. News. An individual who pays his rent on time and has been a good tenant may not have an issue breaking a lease with his landlord.

U.S. News recommends that a renter be honest about why he has to break his lease, because it more than likely isn't the landlord's first experience with a tenant who wished to end the contract early. A renter who has to move immediately should find someone to sublet the apartment, if the lease allows subletting. If a sublessor is found, the original tenant is still responsible for the rent payments and for the unit itself if something goes wrong.

If subleasing isn't possible and it takes a while for a new tenant to be found, the original renter might be charged for the days, weeks or months the unit was empty. The original renter might also be charged if the landlord has to rent the unit out at a discounted price.

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