What Other Products Does DuPont Produce in Addition to Auto Paint?


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In addition to its paint and auto care products, the DuPont line contains more than 25 additional product categories and a total of more than 140 subcategory products. The main industrial product categories include chemicals, construction materials, plastics, laminates, dyes and packaging materials. The company also produces products for the food and agricultural fields and for personal use.

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Personal-use items incorporating DuPont products include clothing fabrics, furniture and cookware treated with Teflon. In addition to Teflon, many other name-recognized chemical products were first developed by DuPont, such as nylon, neoprene, Tyvek, Mylar and Lycra. The company also makes garden care and home-maintenance products.

For the agricultural field, DuPont produces crop-protection chemicals, a variety of seeds that includes wheat, corn and rice, livestock feed ingredients and disease-protection products. Consumer food ingredients and additives include antioxidants, sweeteners, colorings, vitamins and probiotics.

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