What Are Some OSHA Safety Questions?


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Safety question topics regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration include areas such as what to look for when selecting occupational health care professionals and are there ways to examine the credentials of the health care professional. These are types of questions that companies should solve in order improve safety at the workplace, says OSHA.

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Employers should ask the candidate if he has knowledge of workers' compensation laws, says OSHA. Employers should establish if the candidate has general knowledge of the work environment. They should ask if the candidate has knowledge of ethical issues that relate to the practice of health care.

Companies should look for good ways to establish the qualifications of an occupational health care professional, notes OSHA. They should ask what type of training the candidate has, whether the candidate has experience in OSHA record keeping requirements and the years of experience the candidate has in occupational health. Employers should ask candidates how prepared they are for an OSHA inspection and how they can improve the safety program of the company.

Employers should ask what unique contributions an applicant can make to workplace safety and health, suggests OSHA. Designated duties for these professionals include areas such as screening of chemicals and exposures, managing work-related injuries and developing health promotion programs.

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