What Does OSHA Require Companies to Have in a First Aid Kit?


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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires companies to have a minimum of adhesive bandages, 4 x 4 and 8 x 10 gauze pads, a gauze roller bandage, wound cleaning agent, splints, elastic wraps, blanket, scissors, latex gloves, adhesive tape and tweezers in first aid kits, notes its official website. First aid kits should also contain resuscitation equipment and directions for requesting emergency medical assistance.

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If there is a chance the first aid materials may be exposed to the weather, keep them in weatherproof containers, recommends OSHA. Inspect kits at least once a year to ensure the materials are still viable for use and meet standard requirements. Some companies require employees to fill out proper documentation while inspecting first aid kits by signing their initials and the date the kit was inspected.

Standard OSHA first aid kits are usually only stocked with enough materials for two to three employees, according to OSHA. Companies should have multiple kits and supplies or kits stocked with more than the minimum amount of supplies if there are several operations or larger operations.

If there are not any nearby medical facilities, companies are also required to have an individual in the workplace who is trained in first aid, explains OSHA. For workplace areas where employees might be exposed to harmful materials, there must be either flushing or quick-drenching facilities available for immediate use.

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