How Does OSHA Perform a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?


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Instead of directly performing the Job Safety Analysis, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires employers to conduct these analyses, says EHS Today. The JSA is used to determine what safety procedures are needed to complete each job task safely. If an employee suffers a significant on-the-job injury, it is often crucial for the employer to produce JSA documentation.

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To perform a JSA, the analyst breaks down work into a number of discrete steps, according to EHS Today. The analyst then lists possible hazards or accidents that can occur during each step. Once these hazards are identified, they are ranked in order of relative importance. This ranking is subjective and requires prudent estimation. It isn't necessary to list any potential hazard that is extremely unlikely, such as a factory explosion or building collapse. Nevertheless, companies should plan to minimize even rare but possible hazards that can result in serious injury or death.

The JSA is used to identify tasks that require the use of personal protective equipment, says EHS Today. Although PPE is crucial, the JSA can identify tasks so hazardous that PPE is not enough to ensure safe workplace conditions. Complementing its JSA mandate, OSHA insists that all at-risk employees are fully trained in using, maintaining and disposing of PPE.

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