How Do You Get OSHA-Certified Forklift Training?


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Numerous resources and organizations provide OSHA-approved forklift training, including private consultants, truck manufacturers, and trade or vocational schools. Any individual who meets the definition of a qualified trainer can provide forklift training.

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A qualified trainer can be any individual who through education, training or experience has shown the knowledge and ability to train and evaluate forklift and other powered industrial truck operators. No specific certification or license is required to train forklift operators, which means an employer may also provide training. However, the training must be based on the general principles of safe vehicle operation, the workplace hazards of operating the vehicle and the OSHA standard general safety requirements.

After the training has been completed, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that its employees have been properly evaluated. The employer is not required to license its employees, but it is required to keep a written certification stating that each operator has received the proper training and been evaluated. The OSHA standard requires that operators be re-certified every three years, but this does not need to include a reevaluation. The certification record must include the date of the training and evaluation and also the name of the individual or organization that performed the training and evaluation.

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