What Are Some Orthodontic Insurance Plans?

Consumers needing coverage for orthodontics can find dental insurance plan options from Delta Dental, Humana and Aetna. While it's most common for the companies to cover orthodontics for children and teenagers, some providers, such as Delta Dental, do offer plans that cover adult orthodontic care, notes Colgate. Availability of plan options can depend on location and employer.

Delta Dental offers the DeltaCare USA PAA48 plan that covers orthodontic work and is an individual rather than employee plan. This plan requires patients to choose a provider who works with Delta Dental, comes with an annual fee, doesn't require a deductive and has a maximum coverage amount for a orthodontics over a 2 year period.

Aetna offers dental plans that include the Dental Maintenance Organization, Dental Preferred Provider Organization and Participating Dental Network options. Of these, plans may or may not cover orthodontic work, and patients may need a referral to use the orthodontist they want, states Aetna. There are also Aetna plans available through companies that may cover orthodontic care, so employees can contact their companies to find out their options.

Finally, Humana offers the Preventative Plus plan, which covers orthodontics for both children and adults. Costs and coverage for this plan ultimately depend on whether the patient chooses a provider in or out of Humana's network, as the company gives patients the freedom to choose any orthodontist, notes Humana.