What Are Some Ornithology Jobs?


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According to About.com Animal Careers, ornithology jobs are heavily concentrated in academia, research and wildlife conservation. Positions include: teaching assistant or professor, researcher, biologist, bird bander, museum or zoo curator. Other jobs include: bird counter, conservationist, environmental planner, habitat coordinator and forest manager.

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Expertise in bird studies qualifies an individual to work in a wide range of positions for universities, government agencies, conservation organizations and private firms that do environmental consultations. There are jobs that require handling and studying a specific species of bird, and jobs that focus more broadly on wildlife habitat. Besides academia, jobs are often found in closely related fields, such as wildlife biology and zoology.

Finding career positions for ornithologists involves searching job openings that match as close as possible to skills acquired in class and at other jobs. Positions may require skills such as on-site observation of wildlife, taking notes and writing detailed reports. Other responsibilities include capturing and placing tracking bands on birds, biological sampling, writing grant proposals, creating and executing research studies, giving seminars and talks, writing research papers or books and helping to solve environmental problems related to birds and other wildlife.

Individuals that go on to pursue doctorate degrees in natural studies have better career options than those with a bachelor's degree. Academic Invest explains that ornithology-related jobs require stamina, good organizational skills, an ability to communicate well and lots of patience.

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