How Do You Organize a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser?


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To organize a spaghetti fundraiser, choose a location for the fundraiser and print and distribute fliers to inform the community of the event. Purchase the necessary ingredients in advance, and prepare meatballs one day in advance. Cook the meatballs, or sausage links, and pasta on the day of the event, but undercook the pasta slightly. Heat the sauce one hour before the event, and reheat the pasta directly before serving it.

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Follow local regulations for cooking and serving food, and ask for volunteers to help prepare the meal. Allow approximately 4 ounces of dried pasta per person, and prepare 14 ounces of sauce for every two pounds of pasta. When serving sausage spaghetti, allow one sausage link per person.

Serve several different types of sauce, including a meatless option, to ensure everyone who attends enjoys the dinner. To reheat the pasta, place the undercooked pasta in a colander, and dunk the colander and pasta briefly in boiling water. Serve slices of French bread or another side dish with the spaghetti if desired.

When announcing the fundraiser, distribute fliers in several places and announce the event on the appropriate social media or news networks. Include the price of each plate, the reason for the event and what percent of the proceeds go to the beneficiary.

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