How Do You Organize a List of Employee Names?

Organize a list of employee names by collecting all of the information either physically or electronically and using a program to sort it alphabetically by first or last name. Some programs to use include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, StreetSmart Employee Directory or QuickBooks, as of 2015.

The sorting process for organizing a list of employee names depends on the number of employees and the needs of the company. Many payroll tools such as QuickBooks already contain all of the employee names, which means you have the ability to order the list according to employee name and simply print out a copy. If you are collecting this information for the fist time, a spreadsheet is useful because you are able to enter the first and last names of each employee into a cell and then use the built-in sorting tools to order the list in ascending or descending order accordion to either name. Directory tools such as StreetSmart Employee Directory also offer this functionality.

In most cases, a company collects employee names in order to make a company directory and allow the employees to contact each other easily. Most directories include the first and last names of each employee as well as contact information such as a cellphone number and email address, either a work address or a personal account. Some directories also include additional details such as an employee number, job title or birthday.