What Are Some Organizations That Provide Help for Released Prisoners?


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Help For Felons is an organization that offers help to released felons by providing assistance in returning to the workforce, finding homes and seeking other needs through current developments in useful information. The website, HelpForFelons.org is continuously expanding with the addition of new information regarding small business loans, workforce training and job opportunities.

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HelpForFelons.org was founded in January 2015, and is an organization that is independently created with the intention of the prevalence of felons re-entering the prison system. The organization offers resources such as loans and grants, apartments available to rent to those with a criminal background, solutions to expunge criminal records, and list of felon re-entry programs by state.

Each state offers programs geared towards helping criminals released from prison. For example, listed organizations in California include: Center Force, which provides support for health and family services in regards to incarcerated individuals, and A Brighter Day, which is a new start organization that offers resources for free housing. Texas offers an organization called Cornerstone, which helps with housing and employment, as well as the TORI program, or the Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative.

To find a list of local organizations, visit the Resources link, and select Re-entry Programs for Ex-Offenders by State. The website provides a list of all states with re-entry programs.

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