Do Any Organizations Offer Money to Help People Pay Bills?

There are a variety of organizations that offer money to help people pay bills; it all depends on the person's income, the bill in question and if the organization has funds available. Some of these organizations include the American Red Cross, Saint Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

The American Red Cross typically helps people to pay electric and heating bills, as well as disaster assistance and help for military families. Saint Vincent de Paul offers funds to families in need of money for basic needs and other bills. The Salvation Army also provides funds to those in need for electric and heating bills, utility bills, clothing and food. In addition, the Salvation Army helps people avoid homelessness by assisting with rent or mortgage payments through its Family Emergency Services.

Other organizations that offer money to those in need include churches, the United Way and the Volunteers of America. Those who need money help with credit card bills can turn to the GreenPath Debt Solutions or Vision Credit Education, Inc. People who need help with housing can reach out to Mercy Housing, the National Coalition for the Homeless or use the services provided by the Financial assistance for parents program. In addition, Feeding America and Angel Food Ministries help families purchase food.