How Do Organizations Choose Their Names?


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Organizations choose their names by considering multiple criteria, including the meaning of the name, the feelings a name imparts onto others and the ability for others to remember and pronounce the name. Other factors include the availability of the domain name, similarity to other existing organizations and the spelling of the name.

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One important factor many organizations consider when choosing the name involves the ways in which it relates to the organization's purpose and function. In most cases, the organization wants to choose a name that immediately conveys the work it does for others, such as a nonprofit group that brings water to improvised areas using the word "water" or its synonyms in the name. Similarly, many organizations also choose names that convey the appropriate meaning to those who read it, typically in terms of an emotional response.

The way the name sounds is also important, as most organizations want a name that is easy for people to say, and, thus, remember. If the name has an unusual spelling, or intentionally misspells an existing word or term, it may lead to confusion. Another important consideration is the availability of domain names and social media site usernames that match the organization name. This allows for a direct and unified presence across all relevant platforms. The name must also be legally available in all appropriate spaces.

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