What Organizations Can Adopt Robert's Rules of Order for Conducting Meetings?


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Organizations that can adopt Robert's Rules of Order for meetings are those that have a democratic base that follows parliamentary procedure. These organizations have adopted voted upon rules that include an elected leadership structure, such as governments and charities.

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There are several requirements that determine whether an organization has the basic structure to effectively use Robert's Rules of Order. The primary requirement is that all members of the organization are equal. While the organization may have an established leadership, that leadership is in place to serve the members. The leadership also comes directly from the membership, serving out their terms and then returning to the member body at the end of the term. This tends to limit the powers of leaders of such organizations, especially since any member has the right to run for a leadership position.

A further check on leadership power exists through equality under the law. All members of the organization, including its leaders, must abide by the same rules and regulations. There are also often checks and balances to ensure compliance. While the majority rules, the minority still has a say and is protected from marginalization. Transparency in decision making is also an important aspect of conducting business in an organization using Robert's Rules of Order.

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