What Are Some Facts About the Oregon Zoo?

What Are Some Facts About the Oregon Zoo?

The Oregon Zoo is located in Washington Park, near the city of Portland, and is home to over 1,900 individual animals, featuring over 230 species including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. There are also more than 20 endangered species and 1,000 species of exotic plants. The zoo is open daily throughout the year. ,

Some of the zoo's exhibits include the African Rainforest, African Savanna, Black Bear Ridge, Chimpanzees and Eagle Canyon. The zoo also features the Penguinarium, Island Pigs of Asia, Elephant Lands and the Insect Zoo. During the summer, visitors can see live animal demonstrations.

Daily events include a reptile encounter, river otter activities, monkey feeding, polar bear activities and penguin feeding. Special weekly events include an anaconda feeding at the Amazon Flooded Forest and a Crocodile feeding at Africa Rainforest.

The annual Zoo Lights event takes place from November to January when electricians adorn the zoo with over a million lights. The Turkey Trot takes place annually on Thanksgiving morning. Runners raise thousands of dollars each year to help with the upkeep of the zoo.

Visitors can purchase food and drink at more than seven restaurants and food carts throughout the zoo. A variety of items are available for purchase at the zoo gift shop.