How Do You Order a New Debit Card Online?


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Order a new debit card online by filling out personal information on the online application forms provided by various card providers, accessible on the websites of major credit card brands such as Visa and MasterCard. Some banks such as the Bank of America offer online application services to its account holders to replace debit cards that are lost, stolen or damaged, according to its website.

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How Do You Order a New Debit Card Online?
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For prepaid debit cards from any of the major brands, access their websites, such as Visa.com and MasterCard.com, and then select a card provider from the provided list. Open the card provider’s website, and navigate to the debit card application section. Follow the instructions provided by the online card request application, and submit the order form. You can typically get a Visa prepaid debit card without a credit check or bank account, according to Visa. Fees may vary among cards, so be sure to check the provider’s site.

Some banks such as Chase Bank do not offer online application services for new debit cards, and customers are required to visit their bank branches to apply. For those banks that offer online application services, you need to log in to online banking via the bank’s Internet portal and apply. Sign in to request a new or replacement debit card, and you should receive your new card, which includes an embedded microchip, in about five to seven days, according to Bank of America.

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