How Do You Order a ChexSystems Report Online?

How Do You Order a ChexSystems Report Online?

Individuals can order a ChexSystems report by completing the online form at, advises ChexSystems. Reports are mailed within five days of request, and consumers can receive a free copy of their report every 12 months.

Like credit reports, ChexSystems is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, explains Chex Systems. The ChexSystems report for financial institutions contains any information about a consumer's mishandling of accounts, such as overdrafting a bank account and then closing it.

If a consumer believes information in the report is incorrect, he can dispute the information with ChexSystems or add a statement explaining the reason for the negative information in the report, states ChexSystems. Negative information is automatically removed from the report after five years.

Individuals may only request their own report. Requesting the report of another individual, including family members, is illegal, states Chex Systems. Access to a consumer's report is also granted to individuals with the consumer's written permission, to potential employers with the consumer's permission, to businesses if the transaction is initiated by the consumer, and when required by law such as by court order or for determining child support.

In addition to ordering a report online, ndividuals can also order a copy of their report by mailing or faxing a completed order form to ChexSystems Consumer Relations or by using the automated phone system, states ChexSystems.