What Orchards Allow You to Pick Apples?


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Apple orchards in many states allow the public to come and pick fresh fruit directly from apple trees. Some of the farms are Indian Creek in New York State, Jolly Orchards in Michigan, Pick at Garden Patch Farms in Illinois and The Farm in Washington state.

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Apple picking farms are not all the same, and individuals should research farms before visiting. Some apple orchards use organic farming methods, while others spray trees with pesticide at low or high levels. Many farms grow specific types of apple varieties, such as Jonathan, MacIntosh, Honeycrisp and Red Delicious. You can check the orchard's picking season schedule to find out which varieties are ready to be picked. Plan to bring along a cooler filled with water and snacks, if travelling more than an hour away from home.

Apple picking is great on both sunny and rainy days, and if going on a sunny day, take along a hat for protection against intense sun rays. On cloudy days, bring an umbrella or rain jacket so you can keep on picking. Respect the apple trees by gently picking fruit from branches and collecting any fruit that falls to the ground. Shaking, tugging or hitting trees leads to discarded apples that sit on the ground and turn into wasted food.

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