What Are Some Options for Transporting Heavy Equipment?


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Flatbed hauling, towing, special trailers and overseas shipping are some options for transporting heavy equipment. Flatbeds are capable of transporting up to 48,000 pounds of load, and they make it easy to load and unload heavy equipment. Towing is a good choice when shipping heavy equipment within a short distance, while special trailers are ideal for transporting extremely large or heavy equipment.

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A simple flatbed is generally enough to transport most types of heavy equipment. Because flatbeds have varying sizes and load capacities, it's important to verify with the flatbed hauler if his vehicle can manage the weight of a particular equipment. Heavy equipment owners should prepare the necessary tools for loading and unloading their machinery.

Some transporters use step-deck or double drop trailers to deliver substantially tall or heavy equipment. Most equipment that need special trailers for transportation require certain permits. When it comes to overseas shipping, Roll-on Roll-off, or RO-RO, is the most preferred option for transporting heavy machinery. Overseas shipping involves the use of ramps or a flat rack to move the equipment to the transport vessel.

Flat racks are capable of handling up to 88,000 pounds of load. In some cases, international shipping requires disassembling the equipment before shipment and reassembling it after reaching the destination. Equipment owners should prepare the means of transportation to the warehouse or port where the RO-RO is available.

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