What Are Some Options for Getting Dairy Queen Cake Printable Coupons?

One option for obtaining Dairy Queen printable coupons includes visiting sites such as Groupon.com and Couponsherpa.com. There are also occasional promotions and printable items featured on the Dairy Queen website itself, according to DairyQueen.com.

Groupon.com offers a variety of verified Dairy Queen coupons. These change as the specials and coupons expire, so users should check each day to see what is available and confirm expiration dates. Even though some coupons note that they are expired, some may still work and users are free to get these and try them, states Groupon.com. Users may sign up for weekly alerts for new coupons in addition.

Couponsherpa.com offers coupons that give percentage discounts or $1 off of items at Dairy Queen as of 2015. These coupons are not verified in the same way Groupon's are, so they may not work or be valid. The site also provides users links to the restaurant menu and options to sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club. This gets customers a free Blizzard within a year and other member discounts periodically.

DairyQueen.com has a promotions section where the company lists any promotions or discounts that are available directly from the site. Customers can also get other information and sign up for discount programs on this page. The items offered may differ from one location to the next due to availability.