What Options Are Available Through VSP Vision Insurance?


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Options that are available through VSP vision insurance include individual and family eye care benefits based on location. The vision plan also allows users to choose from a wide variety of frames and contact lenses if the VSP plan includes coverage for contacts.

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VSP vision insurance is typically offered through an employer or health plan, although single or family plans can be purchased by individuals who don't receive vision insurance by these means. The plan also allows participants to choose between the services of professionally certified optometrists and ophthalmologists, because both types of vision care providers are listed as VSP network doctors.

Although there are a wide selection of eyeglass frames that are available under the VSP vision insurance plan, some frames may exceed the plan allowance. In this case, the plan's participant is responsible for paying any overage costs and applicable copays associated with the frames. These out-of-pocket expenses include scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, ultraviolet protection, progressive lenses and blended bifocal lenses. Other out of pocket expenses for frames may include most tinted and photochromic lenses as well as any frame valued at more than the plan allowance of the individual. Individuals who choose contacts may not be eligible to receive any frames or lenses during the same service period based on their particular vision plan.

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