What Is Optimum One Health Plan?

Optimum One Health plan is a medical health plan that provides a variety of medical discounts; it is not health insurance. Optimum One Health is a benefit for customers enrolled in a Unified Caring Association membership. The plan is offered through the discount medical plan association, Patriot Florida, Inc., according to the Optimum One Health website.

Customers interested in an Optimum One Health plan should read the benefits materials to ensure that their needs are covered by the discounts. Discounts are not available in every state or at every Unified Caring Association membership levels, states Optimum One Health. Members can contact customer service at (888) 874-8094 or visit the organization's website to determine which benefits are available to them.

The plan offers a variety of medical and dental discounts. For example, members who take part in the plan can receive a 5 percent to 40 percent discount on hospital and doctor's office visits. Members who pay for an annual dental cleaning can receive a full set of X-rays and an exam. Customers who use Beltone hearing aides can receive a 15 percent discount on a pair, plus hearing screenings at no charge. Other plan benefits include discounts on vision care, prescription medications, holistic care, chiropractic care, imaging and elder care.