What Is an Opening Reflection Used for in a Meeting?

An opening reflection captures the main highlights of a meeting. This includes the main purpose of the meeting and its overall importance to the realization of the organizational goals. The opening reflection paints a picture of the current status of the organization, including major triumphs and challenges over a particular period of time.

A speaker is able to capture the attention of his audience through the opening reflection. In the process of explaining the main purpose of the meeting, the speaker can delve into the history of the issues to be discussed during the meeting. Therefore, the audience is provided with a background that facilitates his understanding of the meeting’s agenda and can make relevant contribution to the discussion. A speaker also highlights some of the successes and milestones realized by the organization over a specified period of time. Similarly, the challenges faced by an organization are highlighted and later addressed under the meeting’s agenda. Moreover, an opening reflection provides an opportunity for individuals to provide input in addressing the existing challenges. In essence, it starts a conversation about the challenges that face the organization before moving on to the ways through which such challenges can be addressed by the organization. The opening reflection brings the entire audience on board by ensuring a shared purpose for the meeting.