How Do You Open a Regions Personal Checking Account?

Start the process of opening a personal checking account at Regions Bank by clicking one of the Open Now button on the home page, states the company. Choose from LifeGreen Checking, LifeGreen eAccess, LifeGreen Simple Checking and LifeGreen Preferred Checking, as of 2015. Each account has different options, and the LifeGreen Preferred Checking account offers an interest-bearing option.

Consumers can set up an account in as few as 10 minutes through the online application, notes If you already have an online banking ID and a password through Regions, the automated application form fills in your personal information for you. To apply online, provide a Social Security number, date of birth, email address, state-issued ID card number and funding account information. Funding account information includes a credit card, debit card, other Regions Bank account or an account from another bank.

To start the application process, check the radio button for a new customer, returning customer or continuing the application, says Answer two questions, then click Continue to proceed to the next step. Provide personal information, account options and terms, and an opening deposit, and then set up online banking information.

Consumers can also open accounts in person at a bank branch, according to Bring necessary identifying documents with you at the time of enrollment.