How Do You Open a Personal Checking Account Online?


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To open a personal checking account online, visit the checking account page on the bank's website, select the option to open an account, and fill out the application, as of 2015. The exact procedure varies depending on the bank, but several banks, such as SunTrust, US Bank and Bank of America, use this general procedure.

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For the SunTrust application, you must enter your personal information, verify your identity and fund the account. Personal information includes your name, Social Security number, phone number and current address. Depending on how long you've lived at that address, you may have to enter one or more previous addresses as well. To verify your identity, the application requires you to enter information from a form of identification, such as a driver's license or state identification card. Account funding options include a credit card, debit card or bank account, although you can also fund the account later at a branch.

SunTrust allows a co-applicant, but that person must be present to answer questions and verify his identity. Other banks, such as US Bank and Bank of America, require similar information to SunTrust during the application process. An online application may not be an option in certain situations. For example, Bank of America recommends applying at a branch if you have limited credit history or plan on depositing more than $100,000 into the account.

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