How Do You Open a Lowe's Credit Account?

open-lowe-s-credit-account Credit: Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

Home improvement shoppers interested in a Lowe's credit card may apply in person at any Lowe's store or online by visiting the Lowe's website and selecting Lowe's Credit Center from the top menu. The website provides information on current rates and benefits, including discounts or special interest terms for cardholder purchases.

While the benefits of store credit cards often make large purchases more palatable, warns that cardholders should carefully examine the interest terms, as store cards often carry a much higher APR than traditional cards. On the flip side, however, for those who are careful and pay off or pay down their debts every month, store cards provide one way to establish a solid credit history while also getting some perks at favorite shopping sites.

Lowe's offers lines of credit for both personal consumer accounts and business accounts. As with many credit cards offered from major retailers, the Lowe's credit card account may be managed easily online, with cardholders able to log in at any time to check account history or current rates of interest. Payments may also be made online by linking a bank account to the card account. Cardholders may also choose to receive paperless statements by email instead of a mailed statement each month.