How Do You Open a Chase Prepaid Card Account?


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Prepaid Chase accounts can be opened at a local Chase branch after filling out the necessary application. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have two forms of valid ID and be able to deposit at least $25 to start the account. Approval only takes a few minutes and once granted, a card will be issued for same day use.

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  1. Gather everything you need

    In order to qualify for approval, you need to present two forms of identification. One must be a photo ID, and the other must be an official document, such as a social security card or birth certificate. You also need to make a minimum deposit of $25 to qualify.

  2. Visit a local Chase branch

    Visit your local Chase branch. Use the Find a Branch feature at Chase.com if you are not sure where the nearest Chase branch is located. Once you are there, fill out all necessary paperwork and applications. Be mindful of the address you give. It will be your shipping address for future statements and the mailing of new cards.

  3. Activate your new card

    If you did not receive a permanent card during your visit to a local Chase branch, wait for the card to arrive within seven to ten business days. Until then, use the temporary card you were given. To activate a new card, use the number that you listed in your application to call (800) 225-5623 and activate your new card. Alternatively, you can use the cash register at any store or a Chase ATM to activate your card.

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