How Do You Open a Capital One Bank Account?

To open a Capital One bank account, users must first visit the Capital One website; the website may prompt users to enter their zip codes to reveal regional offers. Users can select the option to open a checking or savings account by hovering over Bank on the top menu bar.

As of March 2015, users must apply to create a Capital One checking account or simply open a savings account, as seen on the Capital One website. Capital One offers a variety of banking services, such as accounts for kids, businesses, home loans, investing and retirement. Users can click the product to view additional details and features.

Capital One 360 checking accounts check consumer reporting agencies prior to account approval, as stated by the Capital One website. An applicant must provide his permanent address, contact and personal information, such as name, date of birth and Social Security Number. The application process also requires applicants to configure account setup and create log in information.

Capital One 360 savings accounts do not require approval, but applicants must also enter the same information in the application process. The savings account terms include no fees or minimums. Account holders are unable to withdraw money for the first 10 days after opening the account. Future account deposits have a five-day hold period before money can be withdrawn. All Capital One bank accounts are FDIC secured.