How Do You Open a BECU Checking Account?

Individuals can open a Boeing Employees Credit Union, or BECU, checking account by submitting an application online or visiting a branch location, states BECU. Local branches can be identified on the Locations page of the BECU website. Individuals must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens to complete the application, and they need a driver's license or passport and Social Security number. Those who are switching current accounts to BECU also need their account information.

Only qualified individuals may open a checking account, advises BECU. To qualify for membership in the credit union, an individual must be a current or former employee of Boeing, a Boeing subsidiary or the Museum of Flight. Federal employees stationed at a Boeing facility, and full-time employees or officers of labor bargaining agencies that represent Boeing employees, are also eligible.

BECU also extends membership to individuals who live, work, own a business, worship or attend school in the state of Washington, states BECU. Those who receive or are eligible to receive benefits from a company whose employees qualify for membership in BECU, or those who are related to an individual eligible for membership, may also apply to open an account.

BECU offers members free online banking and does not require a minimum balance to maintain a checking account, explains BECU. It also offers higher interest rates than traditional banks.

A non-profit credit union, BECU is headquartered in Tukwila, Washington, and it also offers credit cards and home mortgage loans. Eighteen Boeing employees originally started BECU in 1935 to serve fellow employees, and as of 2014, the credit union has grown into an organization with asserts of more than $12 billion. BECU is Washington state's largest credit union, with more than 40 branch offices in the Seattle metropolitan area.