How Do You Open an Account With Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust?

It is possible to open an account at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust by visiting one of the branches, phoning or emailing the bank, or filling out a contact form at It is necessary to speak with a representative, even when initiating contact online.

As of 2015, the telephone contact numbers for opening an account at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust are 502-348-5996 and 888-466-5996. The email address is In order to fill out the online contact form, potential customers much provide an email address, contact phone number, mailing address, preferred Wilson & Muir Bank branch office, and preferred contact method, which can be either email, phone or US mail.

Prior to contacting a representative or stopping by one of the branches, it helps to know the type of account needed. Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust offers many types of accounts, including checking, savings and investment accounts.

Checking and savings accounts vary depending on things such as the amount of money deposited in the account, associated rates and fees, insurance and interest. All checking accounts come with free online banking and bill pay, a Visa check card, ATM access, free TeleBank access, and overdraft protection upon qualification. Savings accounts offer different interest rate tiers and rate schedules. Investment options include certificates of deposit; regular, Roth and educational IRAs; and money market accounts. Information on all account types is available at the company website, by clicking the Personal Services button.