How Do You Open an Account on E*TRADE?

How Do You Open an Account on E*TRADE?

The steps required to open an account on E*Trade vary depending on the account type, according to the company's website. Click on the Open an Account link located on the top-right of the home page to begin the application.

On the Choose Your Account webpage, select brokerage account, rollover IRA, E*Trade OneStop Rollover IRA, Traditional IRA or Roth IRA, instructs E*Trade. Click on the Learn About Different Account Types link under the Select Your Account heading for information about the account types.

To open a brokerage account, select individual account, joint account or custodial account from the options on the Brokerage Account Application webpage, advises E*Trade. Next, select customer status and provide the applicant's full name and email address. Click Continue and complete the fields on the personal information screen.

The information requested on the personal information screen varies depending on the type of account selected and whether or not the applicant is an existing E*Trade account holder. Click Continue and complete the Account Setup portion of the profile. The applicant's financial information is required on the Account Setup screen. Finally, click Continue to confirm the entered information and submit the account application.

Phone assistance with E*Trade account setup is available. Alternatively, click on the Chat Online link located at the top of the application page.