How Do You Open an Account With BB&T Online?

To open an account with BB&T online at the bank's website, a person needs to have a Social Security number, date of birth, address and government-issued identification. It is also necessary to have a debit card or check for the opening deposit.

An individual is able to open an online account with BB&T in about 10 minutes, as long as all of the information needed is available. Applicants must be a minimum of 13 years old to open an account through the bank, and if an applicant is under the age of 18, a co-applicant of legal age must also apply at the same time. To open an online account with BB&T, an individual must pass a credit check, but the application process is instant.

As soon as approval of the account occurs and funds become available, the applicant is able to use the account for purchases and payments. There are fees associated with an online BB&T account, including ATM and overdraft fees. ATM fees only occur if using a non-BB&T ATM, and overdraft fees only occur if the account becomes overdrawn. There are also fees associated with using the customer service number more than twice in a statement period and fees for transferring funds through a branch or via telephone. Fees do not occur when doing these tasks online.