How Do You Get Onto the Housing Authority Waiting List?


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In order to get on the waiting list for state or federal housing authorities, people submit applications to housing authorities through the mail or electronically for review. Upon receiving applications, authorities take several factors into consideration for placing people in houses. These factors include income, family size, whether or not people suffer from domestic abuse in their current locations and preferred housing location, say officials with the New York City Housing Authority.

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When searching for admission to a housing authority, people use several tactics for finding and submitting applications. To search for available housing, people use federal and state databases. Agencies such as HousingWorks and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials maintain databases of housing units and their accompanying wait lists, say officials at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.

Because waiting lists for housing authorities are generally lengthy, people generally submit applications to multiple agencies. Checking for special needs and requirements meeting the criteria for priority housing may help move people up the waiting list. Notifying agencies of any changes in personal information, such as address and contact information, helps people's chances of making select waiting lists.

Upon receiving applications, housing authorities may proceed through waiting lists based on the time and date of receiving the application , or review applications through a random lottery system. Waiting lists may close before all applicants receive housing; this is especially true for multifamily and nonprofit organizations.

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