How Do Online University Teaching Job Salaries Compare to on-Campus Positions?


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An online professor's salary is lower than the salary of an on-campus professor, with an average $36,000 per year salary differential. A professor's salary is mainly influenced by the firm, location and experience, according to Payscale.

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On-campus postsecondary professors in the United States earn between $49,368 to $155,189, depending on experience, location and campus, with the average salary being $87,634. Most professors have over 10 years of experience in education and the majority are males. A college professor's required education includes a graduate-level degree. Although a professor works general office hours, grading, research and office hours can affect the $16 to $73 hourly rate, as most do not get paid overtime for these tasks.

An online professor must meet the education and experience requirements of a traditional college professor. The salary trend for online educators has varied much more than its campus counterpart's salaries. The online educator's pay escalated to a high in October 2013, bottoming out in August of the same year. As of May 2014, salaries are again on the rise but are 10 percent lower than other job's averages, according to the National Salary Trend reported by Indeed.

In comparing online professors with on-campus professors, part of the variables in salary are due to the varying hours, workload and perks of each position. On-campus instructors may have more health benefits and vacation days while online instructors may have less courses and more flexibility.

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