What Are Some Free Online Tax Courses?

Three free online tax courses include Alison's course on personal and corporate taxes, the Internal Revenue Service's Link and Learn Taxes course and The Tax College's income tax course. Alison's course provides an overview of how taxation works and leads to a certificate, notes Alison.com. The other two courses are designed for those who want to offer tax preparation services.

Alison's online personal and corporation taxation course is designed to take an hour or two to complete and features videos combined with online assessments. Students learn how to calculate state and federal taxes, how the income tax rate schedule works and what certain types of taxes, such as the alternative minimum tax, are. A minimum grade is required to get the diploma certificate, mentions Alison.com.

The Internal Revenue Service has a free online course called Link and Learn Taxes, which is suitable for people who want to become volunteer tax preparers or offer tax counseling for the elderly, according to IRS.gov. It focuses on individual income tax preparation and leads to volunteer tax preparer certification. Individuals complete a basic module along with others covering advanced topics such as capital gains and losses, international student returns and Puerto Rican returns.

TheTaxCollege.com, an approved IRS continuing education provider, has an online course that can prepare individuals to start tax preparation businesses. It features daily interactive lessons, homework assignments, quizzes and tips on using tax software and dealing with clients.