What Are Some Online Support Services Offered by Apple?


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Some online support services offered by Apple are AirPort and AirPort Time Capsule support, Apple Watch support and resources, iPhone support, iPad support, Mac support including a Mac basics tour, iCloud support and Apple ID tutorials and troubleshooting. Apple online support services also provide customers help with iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Play, iPod, Apple TV, AirPort Wi-Fi, iOS apps, Pro Apps and OS X, according to Apple.

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Another online support service offered by Apple is comprehensive AppleCare product support. Customers who have purchased AppleCare can log on to Apple's website to view guides to help them get started as well as check their level of service and support coverage. Customers can also purchase and register their AppleCare agreement, easily view important agreement documents, check their warranty status and eligibility for the AppleCare Protection Plan and choose to be connected to an Apple representative right from the support site, notes Apple.

Apple online support services also covers a list of exchange and repair programs. This can include any necessary replacement parts, replacement programs or recalls that an Apple product may incur. Customers can choose their particular exchange, repair or recall from the list and be directed to instructions specific to their Apple product.

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